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Work We Do

Work We Do

CPD Endorsed is a global accrediting organisation that upholds industry standards in Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We recognise and acknowledge the quality of CPD activities, fostering ongoing professional development for individuals and organisations across various sectors. Additionally, we recognise training providers, trainers, and employers to achieve multi-disciplinary accreditation.

Our Work

Spotlighting Excellence: Endorsement of CPD Activities

At CPD Endorsed, we provide formal accreditation to a range of CPD activities, including professional workshops, seminars, conferences, professional events, short courses, and staff training. We aim to recognise and amplify the quality and impact of CPD activities across various sectors, including but not limited to beauty and cosmetics, business, construction, education, engineering, finance, healthcare, hospitality, IT, legal, retail, science, social care, and sports.

Through our CPD endorsement process, training providers gain credibility, visibility, and access to new opportunities within their professional development. For new and less experienced training providers we offer three modules for CPD generation at our CPD Hub. With our AI-integrated module, we streamline the development of CPD activities, ensuring they meet the rigorous standards of their respective industries. The Manual Module offers personalised guidance and support for activity generation, while the Upload Module allows training providers to upload existing activities for endorsement.


Spotlighting Success: Trainers and Employers Recognition

Through CPD Endorsed, we are encouraging a culture of appreciation and recognition for trainers and employers who exhibit remarkable commitment to professional development and training excellence. These recognition programmes spotlight remarkable trainers and employers, strengthening their credibility and reputation in the professional development sector. We intend to assist everyone involved in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure positive and productive CPD experiences.

Recognition through our CPD Endorsed programmes can improve visibility and exposure in the professional community, bringing new opportunities for training engagements.

Understanding Continuing Professional Development

What is Continuing Professional Development?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) refers to the ongoing process of acquiring knowledge, skills, and competencies beyond formal education or initial training. It’s a structured process professionals use throughout their careers to enhance their skills, stay current with industry changes, and improve performance. CPD fosters a lifelong learning approach, facilitating continuous evolution across industries and ensuring alignment with evolving technology, best practices, and industry trends. Additionally, the number of hours we spent on any CPD activity corresponds to the acquisition of CPD points. Within CPD, there are three different approaches:

Formal CPD comprises structured learning programmes, workshops, and seminars delivered by qualified instructors. These activities often result in certifications or qualifications and focus on active learning to enhance participants’ understanding and application of knowledge.

Informal CPD involves self-directed learning activities outside formal programmes. This includes independent learning, reading professional publications, and participating in online forums. It is a less structured approach that allows professionals to expand their knowledge independently.

Reflective CPD  entails passive learning through self-assessment and critical analysis of experiences. By engaging in reflective practice, professionals identify areas for growth and set goals for future development. Being self-directed and less structured, reflective CPD fosters personal and professional growth.

What are CPD Points?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points or credits are a standardised measurement unit to quantify professionals’ engagement in learning and development activities. These credits are pivotal in tracking and assessing individuals’ CPD progress. CPD Points or credits are earned through a diverse range of structured learning activities, including training courses, workshops, eLearning modules, and professional events. CPD points or credits symbolise professionals’ unwavering dedication to continuous improvement and skill enhancement, acting as tangible evidence of their commitment to ongoing professional development. By actively accruing these credits, individuals reaffirm their proactive approach towards staying abreast of industry trends, advancing their expertise, and fostering personal and professional growth.