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CPD Endorsement

Empowering professional development through CPD Endorsement

What is CPD Endorsement?

CPD Endorsement is a comprehensive service designed to endorse a wide range of CPD activities, including professional workshops, seminars, conferences, events, short courses, and staff training for both internal and external participants.

Through the CPD endorsement process, we rigorously evaluate CPD activities to ensure they meet high standards of effectiveness, and relevance, and are aligned with industry standards. Each CPD activity is quality-assured by subject specialists before training providers can display the CPD Endorsed seal.

CPD Endorsed provides registered training providers with three distinct modules on our online portal, CPDE Hub, allowing them to submit CPD activities according to their preferences. The training providers have the option to use cutting-edge AI technology to generate CPD activities or submit their own activities for endorsement through the ‘Upload‘ or ‘Manual‘ options. This innovative approach ensures efficiency, accuracy, and scalability in the endorsement process, enhancing the value and impact of CPD initiatives. Please click here for more information.


Delve into the Riches of Exclusive Benefits!


CPD endorsement showcases a commitment to quality and professional development, leading to recognition within the industry.

Enhanced Visibility

The inclusion of endorsed programmes on the CPD Endorsed website increases their visibility and accessibility to professionals seeking CPD opportunities. Links to the providers' websites further drive engagement and participation.

Credibility and Trust

CPD endorsement adds a layer of credibility to training programmes, signalling that they meet established standards and are aligned with industry best practices. Training providers can leverage this trusted brand to attract participants seeking reputable CPD opportunities.

Competitive Edge

Endorsed CPD activities stand out in a crowded market, giving providers a competitive advantage over non-endorsed offerings.

Networking Opportunities

Being listed on CPD platforms and newsletters introduces training providers to a network of like-minded professionals and organisations, potentially leading to collaborations and partnerships.

Use of CPD Endorsed Logo

Training providers can display the CPD Endorsed logo on various promotional materials, including brochures, workbooks, reflection materials, and attendance certificates. This logo serves as a visual marker of quality and professionalism.

CPD Endorsement Fee

Duration of CPD activity 1-10 Hours 11-20 Hours 21-30 Hours 30+ Hours
Endorsement Fee (per year)