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Terms and Condition

Information about Us

CPD ENDORSED LTD is a registered company in England and Wales under the registration number 14642464. In these terms, ‘We’ and ‘Us’ refer to CPD Endorsed (CPDE). CPD Endorsed provides global accreditation across all industry sectors. ‘You’ pertains to the Provider, Trainer, or Employer utilising our services or the user browsing our website to explore suitable products, based on the context. ‘Activity’ signifies any training endeavor under CPD endorsed training events.

By using our website, you acknowledge your acceptance of these Terms and your commitment to adhere to them. If you do not agree with these Terms, refrain from using our site.

Other Applicable Terms

These Terms encompass additional terms that apply to your site usage:

  • Terms and Conditions: Available when you apply to use our services.
  • Privacy Policy: Governing personal data processing.
  • Cookies Policy: Part of our Privacy Policy, covering consent to cookie usage per the Privacy Policy’s terms.

Changes to These Terms and Our Site

We reserve the right to modify these Terms at any time by revising this page. Stay informed about any changes as they are binding. Our site may undergo updates, and content changes can occur without prior notice. However, please note that the content on our site may become outdated, and we’re not obligated to update it. We don’t guarantee error-free or omission-free content.

Accessing Our Site

Our site is available free of charge, though some parts may require registration. We don’t guarantee uninterrupted access or availability. Temporary suspension, withdrawal, or content modification can occur without notice. You’re responsible for your site access arrangements and ensuring that those accessing our site through your connection adhere to applicable terms. Content may not be suitable or accessible in all locations.

Trainer, Provider, Employees, and Resources

For CPD Endorsed endorsement, you agree to retain a skilled workforce for course delivery, equipped with necessary resources for effective CPD activity execution. Trainers must stay updated on industry standards and undergo 30 hours of personal CPD annually. Providers and Trainers should offer access to all learners following relevant equality laws and supply the full range of endorsed courses.

Registered CPD Provider

Upon successful application, we’ll provide documentation indicating your Registered CPD Provider status, along with a unique logo and certificate. An Accredited Business listing will be added to the CPD Directory of Training Providers. You’re prohibited from implying that individual CPD activities have CPD accreditation. Proper usage of your unique logo is required.

Trainer Recognition Scheme

Our “Trainers’ Guild” scheme ensures certified trainers are proficient in their expertise and capable of offering specific training programs. Applications are assessed based on our Trainers’ Guild Framework. We reserve the right to reject applications lacking documentation to validate educational achievements and professional experience.

Employer Recognition Scheme

Our “Professional Development Recognition Program” ensures committed employers adhere to CPD. We reserve the right to reject applications without sufficient documentation. Organizations meeting requirements will be awarded Endorsed Certification, a unique logo, and prominent placement in the CPD Directory. Your logo usage must adhere to CPD Endorsed Standards.

Your Account and Password

User identification code, password, or other security details provided must be kept confidential. Unauthorized disclosure is prohibited. We can deactivate user identification codes or passwords at our discretion. Notify us if you suspect unauthorized access.

Fees & Payment

Refunds are applicable within the initial 14 days of chargeable service commencement, provided no service access has occurred. Partial service usage within this period incurs pro rata charges. Refunds may take up to 10 working days. CPD activities can be accredited for a minimum term of 12 months. We accept payment through debit/credit cards and bank transfers. Additional CPD activities can be added, commencing new terms. Fee adjustments occur at the term’s end, with written notice. Fees are non-refundable and payable in pounds sterling.

CPDE HUB – Terms of Use

During your use of our portal – CPDE Hub, you must comply with all the current legislation, including Computer Misuse Act 1990, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) May 2018, Protection from Harassment Act 1997, Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988, Telecommunications Act 1984, Variations/Correction of Errors and Inaccuracies, Warranty Disclaimer, Limitation of Liability, Governing Laws and Jurisdiction, and Violations of these terms of use. In essence, you will be expected to respect your rights, the organisation’s rights and others who use the portal.

Intellectual Property Rights

We own or hold licenses for all site intellectual property. Copyright laws protect our works. Limited personal usage includes browsing, printing, and downloading. Modification and separate usage of materials are prohibited without proper licensing.

No Reliance on Information

Site content serves general information purposes only. While efforts are made to update it, we don’t guarantee accuracy, completeness, or ongoing website availability.

Limitation of Liability

We exclude liability for certain matters, including indirect or consequential loss or damage. We’re not liable for data corruption or harm caused by viruses or technologically harmful material. Different terms apply to goods/services supply.

Acceptable Use Policy

Abide by our site’s acceptable use policy. Conduct that damages or disrupts the site is prohibited. Data collection activities require our consent. Use data collected from our site for direct marketing activities.

Breaches and Viruses

We may restrict site access due to breaches. Misusing our site, introducing malicious material, or unauthorized access attempts are prohibited. We don’t guarantee virus-free site access.

Linking to and from Our Site

Fair linking to our home page is permitted, but framing, misleading links, or usage in unaffiliated websites is restricted. We’re not liable for third-party sites linked on our site.

Severability and Application Law

Unlawful provisions’ deletion won’t affect remaining terms. English law governs these Terms. Both parties agree to English courts’ exclusive jurisdiction.

Contact Us

Contact us via email at info@cpdendorsed.com or phone at +44-20-3031-6306.

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