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CPD Endorsement

Empowering professional development through CPD Endorsement

Procedure for Applying for Endorsement

CPD Endorsed provides a straightforward, fair, and transparent procedure for accrediting your CPD activities. Our approach has become easier and cohesive as a result of the availability of user-friendly application forms, online submission choices, and clear step-by-step directions. A team of objective and qualified evaluations promotes the process’s fairness. Here is the step-by-step procedure for applying for endorsement of CPD activities.

CPD Endorsement Process

CPD Endorsed Provider
  • Step 1

    Register as a CPD Endorsed Training Provider

  • Step 2

    Add CPD activity/ activities and pay endorsement fee accordingly

  • Step 3

    Access your CPD Activity and submit it using one of the following modes:

      • Develop CPD manually
      • Develop CPD using AI assistance
      • Upload pre-developed CPD

  • Step 4

    Your CPD will be reviewed by a relevant industry expert within 7-10 working days, with one of the following outcomes:

    1. The CPD activity endorsed.
    2. The CPD activity is rejected.
    3. The CPD activity is marked for revision.
      • The activity will be approved if it has been revised as per the provided feedback.
      • The activity will be rejected if it has not been revised as per the provided feedback.

Explore our detailed guidelines for a comprehensive understanding of our Approval Standards for CPD Endorsement.

Explore our innovative AI-integrated online portal CPDE Hub- for the Endorsement of your CPD activities. 


CPDE Hub is a user-friendly online platform designed to streamline and empower your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) journey. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help you develop and endorse your CPD activities, ensuring you stay current and meet industry requirements.

At CPDE Hub, training providers can develop their CPD activities using one of three innovative modes:

  • AI-Assistant: This mode assists registered training providers in creating CPD activities by analysing their input and suggesting relevant AI-generated content. It is an excellent approach for those seeking innovative, efficient, personalised, and customised development solutions in the field of professional development.
  • Manual: This mode allows users to manually input and design their CPD activities, providing full control over the content and structure. It is ideal for those who prefer a hands-on approach to tailoring their professional development plans.
  • Upload: Training Providers can upload existing CPD activity, materials, and resources, streamlining the process of integrating already developed content into the CPDE Hub. This mode is perfect for professionals who have pre-developed materials and wish to centralise their CPD activities.