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Training Providers

Fostering endorsement of CPD activities to meet industry standards

Training Providers’ Framework

To register as training provider with CPD Endorsed, each organisation or individual must undergo a thorough evaluation and meet the specific criteria outlined in our approval framework. Our assessment process ensures that training providers demonstrate competence in key areas such as organisational structure, staff training, resource availability, and quality assurance. By adhering to these criteria, approved training providers demonstrate their commitment to delivering high-quality CPD activities that meet the needs of learners and contribute to professional development.

Section 1: Organisational Structure and Management System

Criteria Description Possible Supporting Documents*


The training provider, whether an organisation or an
individual, must have a clearly defined structure outlining roles and responsibilities for the development, delivery,
and assessment of CPD activities.

  • Appropriate registrations (e.g., Certificate of Incorporation)
  • Organisational structure/ chart showing how team members fit into the organisation
  • Current CV(s) of trainer(s)


All staff involved in the administration,
teaching, assessment, and quality assurance of CPD activities must have adequate training and
development plans in place.

  • Approved trainer specific requirements
  • Staff development plan / CPD plan for all trainers


The training provider must have documented policies or procedures for:

  • Complaints Policy
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Risk Assessment and Health and Safety Policy
  • Learner Recruitment, Registration and Certification Policy
  • Special Considerations and Reasonable Adjustments Policy
  • Course Content Review Policy

Copies of all policies and procedures concerning the specified points

Note: The names of these policies might differ; it’s the content that we are interested in.

Section 2: Resources

Criteria Description Possible Supporting Documents*


Training providers must provide evidence that they have sufficient staff with the appropriate training qualifications and experience to develop, deliver and assess CPD activities.

  • List and CVs of team members
  • CPD logs of the team members
  • Evidence of any professional memberships


Training providers must provide evidence of physical and digital resources that will be required to deliver and  assess CPD activities.

  • Pictures of any of the resources, which may include training room(s), and secured storage facilities. IT facilities, study rooms, etc
  • Written description of the resources
  • Tour of the facilities

Section 3: Delivery, Assessment and Quality Assurance

Criteria Description Possible Supporting Documents*


The training provider must have system(s) in place
to ensure that the goals and objectives of their CPD
activities are met.

  • Pre and post activity surveys/ questionnaires, or feedback forms
  • Formative or summative assessment plan


The training provider must ensure that learners obtain information, advice, and guidance about the delivery and assessment of CPD activities.

  • Updated information on website
  • Brochure
  • FAQs/ Discussion Forums


The training provider must have an established quality management system in place to ensure the quality
of content and its delivery.

  • Quality assurance or Audit plans/ reports
  • Course/CPD Reviews

*The provided list represents possible supporting documents that training providers can provide as evidence to fulfil the approval criteria of the framework. However, other documents that serve as evidence of meeting the criteria are also acceptable, as it is the content that we are interested in.