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Fostering Endorsement of CPD Activities to Meet Industry Standards

Recognition Number: 4567
Industry Sector: Education
Sub Sector: Higher Education
Country: United Kingdom

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List of CPDs

  • Classroom Management Strategies
  • Differentiated Instruction Techniques
  • Integrating Technology in Education
  • Assessment and Evaluation Methods
  • Special Education Needs (SEN) Training

Britannia School of Academics


Britannia School of Academics, a distinguished UK-based education and training provider, caters to a global audience. Our array of accredited courses receives prestigious approval from the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), ensuring adherence to the highest standards of quality and credibility.

We meticulously drafted Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses to address the dynamic demands of professionals in leadership and management roles. These courses are seamlessly delivered and assessed online, offering participants the convenience of self-paced learning. Upon successful completion, learners can download and print their Certificate of Completion, enhancing their professional profile and fostering career advancement.

Moreover, we offer bespoke training solutions tailored to specific requirements, recognising the diverse needs of professionals and corporate clients. Our globally accessible training events, facilitated by industry experts, provide vital opportunities for skill enhancement and networking. Whether seeking a standardised CPD course or a customised training event, Britannia School of Academics is committed to delivering excellence and empowering professionals to thrive in their respective fields.