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SkillsForge Programme

Our employers recognition programme to promote best practices in professional development of workforce

FAQs for SkillsForge Programme

Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions regarding SkillsForge Programme below.

SkillsForge Programme

SkillsForge Programme is an initiative to foster and recognise a community of employers who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the professional growth of their staff members.

Employers, who are committed to the professional development of their employees and invest in the skills enhancement of their employees can join the SkillsForge Programme.

No, there is no registration fee for joining the SkillsForge Programme. You just have to pay there, and after the evaluation of the provided evidence, you will be assigned a recognition level based on the outcomes of the evaluation. 

CPD Endorsed sets a few benchmarks mentioned in the SkillsForge Programme Framework against which your application will be evaluated. For each membership level, the qualifying criteria are different but the minimum criteria against those benchmarks is, at least satisfactory level against all six benchmarks, along with good or excellent in at least 2 areas.

The membership will last for 12 months.

Following are the possible necessary documents you need to upload, the documents may vary according to your organisational structure.

  1. A certificate of incorporation/registration clearly showing the organisation’s name
  2. Your organisation’s logo
  3. Supporting documents against each benchmark (appropriately named and referenced)
  4. Self-Evaluation

The membership renewal process will be the same as the membership application process. You will resubmit the application with complete documents for evaluation. Your application will be evaluated against the benchmarks, and the recognition will either be renewed or upgraded. The renewal fee will be £499. 

By resubmitting your upgraded application against the benchmarks, your application will be evaluated, and your recognition level will be upgraded if it meets the qualifying criteria against the level you want to attain. 

The following are the benefits of SkillsForge Programme:

  1. Unique recognition number
  2. A SkillsForge Programme badge
  3. A certificate of recognition
  4. Get listed on the Register of Members
  5. Promotions on social media
  6. Priority support
  7. Discounts for employees on accredited courses by the Britannia School of Academics and the Britannia School of Leadership and Management
  8. Discounts on CPD Endorsement
  9. Networking and connectivity opportunities
  10. Search Engine Optimisation
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