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Training Providers

Fostering endorsement of CPD activities to meet industry standards

FAQs for Training Providers

Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions regarding Training Providers below.

Training Providers

A Training Provider refers to an organisation, institution, or individual that offers training programmes and courses designed to enhance the skills, knowledge, and competencies of professionals in their respective fields.

An individual, institution, or organisation that possesses relevant industry knowledge and satisfies the approval criteria outlined in the Training Providers Framework will be eligible to apply for training provider recognition by CPD Endorsed.

You can become an approved training provider by following the application process:

  1. Submit the Expression of Interest form.
  2. A member of our business development team will get in touch with you to discuss your needs and advise you on the relevant paperwork to submit.
  3. Submit the complete application through our CPDE Hub portal.
  4. Pay the recognition fee.
  5. Your application will be reviewed and approval will be assigned accordingly.

Becoming an approved training provider offers several benefits. 

  1. A unique recognition number
  2. Licensed to use CPD Endorsed logo
  3. Certificate of recognition
  4. Listing on the Register of Training Providers
  5. Authorisation to get endorsements on CPD activities
  6. AI Assistance in generating CPD activities
  7. Opportunities for networking
  8. Priority support
  9. Search Engine Optimisation
  10. Discount to access our recognition programmes
  11. Discounts on accredited courses

On becoming an approved training provider by CPD Endorsed you will get access to CPDE Hub. 

To learn about the evidence required to support the application of training provider recognition, please visit the Training Providers’ Framework.

Yes, training providers can use the CPD Endorsed logo on their promotional materials during their membership.

All the CPD Endorsed training providers are immediately added to the Register of Training Providers. You can verify the trainer’s recognition there by searching for that trainer in the Register of Training Providers.

By becoming an approved training provider, you will obtain a unique recognition number to demonstrate your commitment to Continuing Professional Development. You can display the CPD Endorsed seal on your website, in your office, or on marketing materials. You will get listed on the register of training providers, which will help you attract clients. 

No, CPD Endorsed covers a wide range of industry sectors, including but not limited to agriculture, beauty and cosmetics, business, construction, education, energy, engineering, finance, healthcare, hospitality, IT, legal, natural resources, retail, science, social care, sports, and transport.

The renewal process will be the same as the application process for becoming an Approved Training Provider. You need to submit an Expression of Interest Form, a member of our business development team will reach out to guide you through the renewal process and provide information about the necessary documents you need to upload.

Your recognition will last for 12 months.

For more information email us at info@cpdendorsed.com