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CPD Endorsed Register

A leading platform for meaningful connections and networking prospects

The CPD Endorsed Register is a robust and dynamic platform designed to forge connections among individuals and organisations across different industries or those with common interests. More than just a directory, it is a hub of opportunities that transcends traditional boundaries, enabling professionals to expand their horizons and collaborate in unprecedented ways.

By associating with a CPD Endorsed Register, individuals and entities demonstrate their commitment to growth and excellence in their respective fields.

What our Clients Say


Initially, as a CPD Endorsed Platinum Employer, we expanded to become a training provider, seeking endorsements for our in-house CPD activities. Their AI-assisted module streamlines development, enhancing credibility. Working with them has been delightful.

Alfie Horden

CPD Endorsed rigorously evaluates CPD activities. Endorsement of activities boosts their credibility and quality. Being a recognised training provider expands my networks, attracts more clients, and enhances my business prospects.

Lena Marshal

As a CPD Endorsed recognised trainer, I have gained access to exclusive networking opportunities, cutting-edge resources, and a community of like-minded professionals committed to expanding the boundaries of our industry. Thanks to CPD.

Genelia Joshua

The SkillsForge Programme by CPD Endorsed has revolutionised my role as an employer. It's not just about recognition; it's about adapting to industry trends and enhancing our employees' skills. With CPD Endorsed, we access diverse training providers for our CPD needs.

Eduard James

Every activity we produce is endorsed by CPD Endorsed, and we use the CPD Endorsed seal on the certificates as validation that all our activities are quality-assured by CPD Endorsed and that they meet industry requirements.

Sarah Baker


An organisation that provides CPD establishes learning objectives for each activity to satisfy defined professional practise requirements.

The CPD endorsed is independent CPD accreditation organisation working across all industry sector.

In an increasingly competitive world, show that you are the finest in your profession by providing high-quality CPD training. Employers and corporations frequently demand Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities; therefore, it is essential that these courses undergo a third-party quality review to ensure their high standards. This also permits CPD providers to offer their courses as endorsed and generate remarkable revenues by satisfying their clients.

There are £499 for membership cost to get the recognition of CPD provider.

We aim to process all applications within 3-5 working days as soon as it is submitted successfully.

After obtaining CPD Endorsed Provider Status, you will be included in our CPD Directory so that you may promote the career development services you provide to prospective customers and employers. You will receive a unique logo, certificate, and centre number that may be displayed on your company’s websites and certifications.

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